Valerie's introduction

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Valerie's introduction

I chose MAED program this year because I have a huge passion for education.

I want to one day teach at a college level as well in a high school math class. Assessments are great tools that allows the teacher, students and parents to know and understand how the student are developing as well as their growth in academics.

There are many was assessments can be used depending on the age, grade or individual child. I have used developmental milestone chart in the past that allow everyone to see which milestones students use to mastered and those that need attention.

I learned that not every child develop at the same rate. Being that assessments are just brief layout of the students’ progress it is also a guide for the teacher to create assignments, activities, or lesson plans that will enrich the students overall.

I enjoy helping people reach goals that they did not even think was possible. There is nothing as great as to see a student “get it”.



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