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Valerie Worth

Valerie worth

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Valerie worth was born octomber 29 1933 died july 31 1994 when she was a babby she live in Philadelphia,Pa when she died she was at Clinton,NY her college was swartmore college.Valerie worth was in a writting group at kirkland college and saw natalie babit and begin collabrorate.What special for valerie worth is that writtes about ordinary things and nature.In 19944 she move to florida for four years and india for a year.she begins going to a writting group.she published three addtinal volems of her small poems.

I understand valerie worth poems better than robert frost walter dean myers this is my favorite poem dog this is my favorite part looks up alert chops with heavy Jaws at a slow fly blinks rolls on his side.

Valerie worth has a lot of books and one of them was in love that dog but here is some of them animals poems peacock and other poemsat chrismas timesmall poems and more small poems.

(October 29, 1933 – July 31, 1994) was an American poet and writer of children's books under her maiden name, Valerie Worth.Missing: elementary ‎school. I was insprid by valerie worth becasue she likes nature and I love when she writes ordinary things.chops withe hevy jaw at a slow fly blinks rolls on his side.

Nature by Adrian petersonThe grass is green like avcodes the reeds are yellow like bannas the butter flies are red like by valerie worthUnder a maple tree the dog lies down lolls his limp tongue yanws rest his long chin carfulley between front paws chops with heavy jaws at a slow fly blinks rolls on his side sighs colses his eye sleeps all after noon In his losse skin.

She whent to flordia for four years whent to inda for a year whent to a writting group she met natial babit natalie babit published one over her books wwhent to swartmore college died becasue of cancer and died at clinton new york.


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