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Valentina Tereshkova

...Valentina was born in Maslennikovo,Russia,in the year of 1937....Valentina moved to her grandmother's home, as she works as an apprentice at a tire factory....She graduated from the Light Industry Technicas school....She joins a space program in 1959....Valentina received a military rank in the Russian air force.... She became a chief pilot of the Vostok VI....She became the first woman to be launched into space.... Valentina received a gold star medal.... She received a standing ovation at the United Nations.... Valentina Tereshkova is a model for other woman in the world.

Born: March 6,1937Space Missions: Vostok6Children: Elena AndrianovnaNationality: Russian, SovietParents: Vladimir Tereshkov, Elena Fyodorova Tereshkova


...Valentina's father was killed during a war when she was just two years old.... Valentina's mother had to raised her and her siblings by her self....She had no experience as a pilot....Tereshkova and the other woman, Russian were not taken seriously.

Valentina Tereshkova


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"Once you've been in space, you appreciate how small and fragile the Earth is."-Valentina Tereshkova


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