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Valcano glog


There are 4 kinds of volcanos and this is what this glog will be about. There is the Composite volcano, the Shield volcano, the Cinder cone volcano, and last but not least, the Strato valcano.

Composite volcanos are bulit up of many layers of lava and ash. This is because every once and a while, the volcano erupts and as the lava slowly creeps down the volcano, it dries and layers to make the volcano grow. Unlike other volcanos, when Composite volcanos erupt, there is not much sound and lava is slower then most.

This is a diagram of a composite volcano and how layers of ash and lava build up to make these volcanos.

Shield Volcanos are named after their size and profile. Most of these volcanos are located in Hawaii, but they can be in other places, too. Shield volcaos, like the composite volcano has slow moving ash and lava.

This is a diagram of a Shield volcano and how its lava flows.

Most of the time, these volcanos are shaped liked upside down ice cream cones. again, like the other two volcanos , this volcano has slow-moving lava. These volcanos build up by having small explosions every thousand years. It can take trillions of years to build these volcanos 4 ft high. Wow!!!

This is a diagram of a Cinder cone volcano and what all of the cinders are.

Strato volcanos are basicly the same thing as Composite volcanos, but they are slightly different. Strato volcanos can be taller and steeper.

This is a Strato volcano in a very dry, bumpy land.


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