Val-d'lsere en France

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Val-d'lsere en France

Val-d'Isere en France

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La neige

Les bâtons de ski

La piste de ski

Des remontées mécaniques

Les montagnes

Le casque

La veste de ski

Les lunettes de ski

Les skis

Les gants de ski

Jean-Claude Killy was born near Paris, France (Saint-Cloud). He is famous for his talent in men's international Alpine skiing competitions. He learned how to ski at the ski resort, Val-d'lsere, which is in the French Alps. He became the European champion in 1965, won the world championship, and won national championships in Alpine skiing. He later earned the first world cup for men twice. He helped other French skiers to win the world team championship. He finally went to the Olympic winter games (1968 in France) and won gold for downhill and slalom. Slalom is a fast paced skiing in which the skier goes around two poles connected by a flag. It originated in the Alps and France held the first world championship for slalom. He was the second skier in the Olympics to win all the alpine skiing competitions. He retired for a while then came back to ski and became world champ of professional skiers.


Val-d'lsere wasn't always as big as it is today with its 96 lifts.Val-d'lsere was a farming village where the farms were only used four months out of a year. When winter sports became popular, a man named Mouflier built a hotel near the base of the resort, a drag lift, and then a cable car. Jean-Claude Kelly learned how to ski in Val-d'lsere. A part of the ski resort was named after him.The ski resort has hosted the World Alpine Skiing Championship in favor of Jean-Claude Killy. People today try to keep Killy's spirit alive at Val-d'lsere. The ski resort attracts many tourists and it is one of the competitors for the biggest ski resort in the world.


Jean-Claude Kelly


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