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The first vaccine was created by Edward Jenner in 1798, it was to be used against Cowpox

Vaccines and why they should be universally accepted.

Reasons why you should use them.1. To protect those you love against diseases that would otherwise harm, or kill them or even you.2. To enable you to travel safely around the world.

Before vaccines, survival during an outbreak depended solely on your own immune systems ability

But how will I know what vaccines to get?Schedules can be easily found online through the CDC.

In 2003, vaccine use rates were 78%, following a massive anti-vaccine movement, in 2008 they then fell to nearly 60%.

For the first time in years outbreaks of diseases like whooping cough, measles and mumps began to appear

Universal acceptance of vaccines would result in disease protection of our society being greatly improved and diseases being eradicated.

Claiming vaccines cause Autism is an outdated theory which has since been debunked by countless studies


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