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Your Choice. Make it informed.


Whether you want to vaccinate your children or yourself, it is your choice. Take the time to do the research before making your decision.

RESOURCES FOR MORE INFO:*The CDC, WHO, and hospitals everywhere recommend that you vaccinate. Check with your local and state government about rules that apply to you. Ultimately, you decide.

The arguments from parents

The facts:

The majority of pertussis deaths occur in infants under the age of 6mos. While these babies are too young to get the vaccine, those who the baby interacts with can get the vaccine preventing it’s spread to the infant.

Resources to make this:Esposito, S., Bosis, S., Moriacchi, L., Baggi, E., Sabatini, C., & Principi, N. (2012). Can infants be protected by means of maternal vaccination? Clinical Microbiology Infection , 18 (5), 85-92.Purssell, E. (2009). Uncertainties and anxieties about vaccination, answering parent's concerns. Journal of Pediatric Nursing , 24 (5), 433-440.and YouTube

Live vaccines are not recommended as a general rule to a pregnant mother. Dead vaccines (which most vaccines are-ask your doctor for more information) ARE recommended. A “dead vaccine” allows for no chance of you catching the disease or infection.

As a result of the transplacental passage of antibodies, maternal immunization can reduce the risk of vaccine-preventable diseases that may occur in the first months of life before the start or completion of the suggested vaccination schedule. Translated this means that as a pregnant mother the positive effects you get from a “dead” vaccine will be given to your baby the first few months of their life while they are most susceptible.

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Between 10-30% of children suffer from influenza each year-this can end in hospitalization and death. Influenza is a preventable disease when vaccinated.

There was a 94% decrease of neonatal tetanus just by giving mothers 2 doses of AATT (a tetanus vaccine). In fact of the mothers who received the vaccine, there were no instances of tetanus in the offspring for 5 years post delivery.

Because the purpose of vaccination is tostimulate an immune response, this will inevitably result in local and sometimes systemic reactions-as long as the vaccine is from a “dead virus” you can NOT get the disease from the vaccine. The runny nose, itch, etc. is your body’s response to create anti-bodies to protect you against “the real thing!


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