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Our first impressions

Are you interested?Follow us to visit its main rooms!

General Information

Some facts from the history of the V&A

The Victoria & Albert museum (V&A) is one of those museums that have something for everyone, from architecture and history to music and fashion. The main collection is free to view. It's easy to find the V&A from South Kensington tube station (just follow the signs in the tunnel!) so if you're new to the area or visiting for the first time you don't have to worry about getting lost.

Wow! I've only been there once & was so happily surprised to see all the different exhibitions happening at the same time. I also loved the shops, especially the beautiful jewellery sold there. I took part in the "Silent Disco" & had such a laugh.

The Victoria and Albert museum (V&A) is one of the most favourite free museums in London. Decorative arts encompasses everything from iron work to jewellery and stage costumes. Don't miss the Court of Casts in which the museum has plaster cast moldings of various monuments from around the world. The Trajans Column is so big, it had to be cut in half! HALF!!! Worth a visit!

Hello! The team "Starkids" is reporting from London. Our double-decker has just stopped at at the Victoria & Albert museum.The building itself is mesmerizing not to mention its vast collections of breathtaking beauty!

It's an incredible place to go for free art and architecture of the highest order! A museum that has everythingl, it's ideal for all ages. It has beautiful pieces for adults to enjoy but also great places for children as well.

The V & A offers an array of paintings, sculptures and textile as well as a number of exhibitions.


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