V is for Velcro

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V is for Velcro

I chose my TOPIC because it fun to play with, and I like to wear black shoes to school that have velcro on them.

V is for VelcroHakin HunterFebruary 2013

George de Mestral was born on June 19,1907 and died February 8, 1990. He was an electrical engineer. George was married three times to Jeanne Schnyder in 1932, Monique Panchaud de Bottens in 1949, and Helen Mary Dale.

Sources of Information:George de Mestral. "Biography." Paragraphs 1-2. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_de_Mestral).1948. "Events." All Paragraphs. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1948).Velcro. "History." All Paragraphs. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/velcro).

Velcro is important because it is on your coats, shoes, bookbag, pants, and jackets. Sometimes you use it to hang things on the wall. It helps you close things. Many people benefit from it like little kids and other people.

1948:September 6-Juliana becomes Queen of the Netherlands.October 6-The 1948 Ashgabat earthquake kills 110,000.November 2-U.S. presidential election, 1948: Democratic incumbent Harry S. Truman defeats Republican Thomas E. Dewey and 'Dixiecrat' Strom Thurmond.



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