UWA Pharmacology E-Learning Suite

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UWA Pharmacology E-Learning Suite

UWA Pharmacology E-Learning Suite

Multiple monitors allow you to connect your own devices and share/compare work with other students

Laptops are available at each table, aiding those students who do not have access to one. Tables also have powerpoints to charge own devices

The desks seat numerous people which enables collaborative learning among students - Social Constructavism

Room divide also acts as a white board. This segmentation provides a quiter work space and also acts to support visual learning techniques

AdvantagesSeating arrangements enable collaborative learning. There are powerpoints which enable students to use their own mobile devices encouraging U - Learning.The suite is modern and clean which allows for a clean mind enabling effective study methodsMonitor screens allow student to share/compare work.

DisadvantagesLittle space for individual work. The laptops provided do take up room if you want to use your own mobile devices.Can be loud due to collaborative style of study.


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