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 uv rays

Uv rays radiation

real radiations from natural sun

Enters in bodyOne of the most common effects of Uv expoure is erythema also known as sun burnsunburn occure when skin cells are damaged by the absorption form uv rays. the amount of time takes for a sunburn to occur is dependent mostly on the relative amounts of Uv rays that are hitting the skin and on a person skin type.

How its ProducedThe influence of ozone on THM precursors depents on the kind and structure of the organic matreial that can have different reativity towards ozone chorine. some authors oberved that ozonation producers a transformation of natural organic metter from reactive hydrophoic (a faction)

Uv rays

describe Uv rays are the radition a part of enegry that comes from the sun it is not good for some people that are allergic to sun becuase uv rays can burn their eyes, hair and skin.

Impacts on skin

Effects on body1. eye damage2. pain / temporary blindness and blured vision3. Cataracts4. any serious health problems5. skin cancer and damages immune sustems.

preventation1.Slip on a shirt2. Slop on sunscreen3. slap on a hat4. wrap on sun glasses to protect eyes and sensitive skin around them

Fun FactsPolice uv rays can be used in conjuctin with speical power to detect finger and shoe print

Symbols if your are get effected1. Rash2. blindness3. pimples4. itchy on skin


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