UV Ray Light

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UV Ray Light

Properties of UVThe wavelenght of this type of wave is 60 nanometers, which is a similar size to the disease HIV. This type of waves comes from the sun and other hot objects, these are source of UV light rays.

More Details:Ultraviolet waves were discovered by Johann Wilhem Ritter in 1801. Scientists use this type of light wave to kill bacteria and viruses.

Ultraviolet Light

Uses of UltravioletThis type of waves is harmful to the humans skin. It can burn their skin and from that burn, they can get cancer. Ultraviolet waves are used to help people tan their skin. The UV ray is also used to dry closed outside in the summer and kill bad bacteria on the clothes.

Facts:To much UV light is harmful to the human skin if it is use to much. Also it can burn hair and skin and be harmful to the human eyes so to be safe from it wear proper protection. To face UV ray, use sunscreen and other.

UV light are Violet on the Electric Spectrum and have 3 different UV ray.

Did you know?That Flies are attracted to UV light because they mistake it for the sunlight.

UV light s have a lot of energy that is very harmful.


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