UV Protected Windows

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UV Protected Windows

IntroductionWe are Shaniqa and Nicole we think it is important we minimize the amount of sun rays that our eyes are exposed too.

JustificationWe choose our 1st idea because we feel it is most effective. If we make uv protected windows for our homes people will be able to look out their windows without the harmful rays of the Sun, and there couches or items next to the window won't be hot to touch. The 2nd idea would only cover the window and block heat, not protect eyes.

ProblemPeople appliances get heated by the rays emitted by the Sun, this is very damaging not only their skin but their eyes as well.

Edible ToothpasteEdible toothpaste is helpful for children learning how to brush their teeth, they will be able to swallow it without being poisoned and so will people on the go.

UV blocking sunglasses JPL Scientists invented UV blocking sunglasses to protect eyes from effects of the Sun.

A spinoff technology is an invention created from a invention that was intened for another purpose. For example Nasa has made inventions for their missions and have made spinoffs off of them.


Criteria and ConstraintsOur criteria is that for certain people, enough for it to be a problem, are affected by UV rays more than others. Also, UV rays can go through most ordinary windows. Even the windows that are supposed to block UV rays or "claim" to block UV rays aren't 100% successful doing this. This is why we are making our spin off, in an attempt to help people with their health and daily lives.

Memory FoamMemory foam is used in our lives daily like in cars, our pillows, and shoes. It makes sleeping, walking, sitting more comfortable.


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