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ute culture

Ute culture

The creation storyLong time ago when there were no people on earth, the Creator cut sticks and put them in a bag. He said the sticks would be people. Coyote watched secretly as the Creator cut the sticks. He did that all the time. When the Creator was away, Coyote opened the bag and out came a lot of people. They were all talking different languages and went in many directions. When the Creator returned, there were very few people left in the bag, and he became very angry. His plans were to divide the people equally on the earth, and then he said, “Now there will be war between one another over the land.”“The people that stayed in the bag will be brave and will never be defeated. They will be called Ute.”

Ute means high land or land of the sunThe utes share the same language as the shoshones. This language is part of the Uto-Aztecean language family.

The Bear danceThe bear dance is to honor the grizzly bear. It teached the people to be strong, wise, to survive and to resist the mischief of Coyote. In this dance, the women usually choose the partners and it sometimes it would lead to courtship and marrige.

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Sun dance song

bear dance song

the sundanceTrasitionally to participate in the sundance, people (mostly men) need to get a command in a dream. The sundance was done for individual purposes instead of for big groups. If an individual was participating in a dance, then his/her family would need to be there, because he is not just an individual, he is also a part of a family. Often an individual would do it because of a quest for spiritual power, purification, or attempted communion with the Great Spirit.

Ute culturetwo of the dances that have been in the ute culture for a very long time are the sun dance and the bear dance.

Bands were mostly undefined but consisted of mostly extended family. The ute bands had a relatively material culture that change dramaticly when they had their first encounter with the spanish. They got horses which made it easier to travel places. After that they became even more warrior like tribe. HousingThey lived in tepee's and were nomadic people for the most part. When they got horses from the spanish and the pueblo people, they were able to move even more than before.

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present day reservations


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