Utahraptor and Eodromaeus

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Utahraptor and Eodromaeus

The Author who wrote "Utahraptor cretaceous Predator" explained that Utah was a lush and green place were the utahraptor thrived. The other auther who wrote "Tiny Terror" interviewed a paleontologist who explained that the Eodromaeus lived in argentina millions of years ago since thats were the fossil was found.

The utahraptor lived around 248-206 million years ago.. The Eodromaeus lived 230 million years ago.

How were the utahraptor and Eodromaeus

When they found the fossil of the Utahraptor they had an image in their head knowing how it looked. They said it had 20 inch claw and it had a large toe claw on each foot, it also had a stiff tail to keep its balance. When they found the Eodromaeus they saw that it was really small near the size of a dog, it was 4 ft long, and might've weighed less than 15 pounds.

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