USSR and Chernobyl

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USSR and Chernobyl

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, specifically Reactor 4, blew up on April 26, 1986 (While Ukraine was still part of the USSR). This happened because of bad maintainence of the facility and a test being conducted. The explosion released radiation across the Chernobyl site and the nearby city of Pripyat, leaving it uninhabitable.

Chernobyl is a city located in norther Ukraine, within proximity of Belarus and home of the world's deadliest nuclear reactor

Chernobyl stats:- The radioactive cloud affected countries as far away as England- An estimated 90,000 square miles were affected by radiation-The Little Boy nuclear bomb contained 14 lbs. of plutonium; Reactor 4 had 180 TONS.

Cont.- Fat Man and Little Boy were detonated above ground rather than on it, barely contaminating any soil. Chernobyl, being a ground-based disaster, contaminated miles of ground, deeming it radioactive and uninhabitable.

Economic Impact:The Soviet Union spent nearly 18 billion rubles (Equal to US$18 billion) on contamination recovery. Over the next 30 years, US$235 billion were spent on recovery that has still to be completed. in 1991, Belarus spent 22% of its national budget on Chernobyl recovery.

Environmental Impact:Animals faired very well after the explosion, despite the massive amount of radiation. The only sign of radiation-related problems was a rat with cancer. A contaminated forest, know as the "Red Forest" for it's sickly red color of misshapen trees, still lives without major mutations. In fact, a certain kind of fungi that survives off of radiation currently lives on the side of Reactor 4 itself.

Human Effects:Thyroid cancer has become the largest problem in the area. Since the explosion, thyroid cancer survivability dropped from 97% to 92%, following a 2,400% increase in thyroid cancer probability. Birth defects increased by nearly 250%



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