U.S.S. Missouri

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U.S.S. Missouri

Quick Fact:It was hit by a Kamikazee, but no damage was done because the bomb didn't explode!

The U.S.S Missori Memorial Plaque

One of the last 4 American Battleships in reserve, but it can still be put into another war.

U.S.S. Missouri

Top Speed is 33 knots(38 mph).

The Missouri's 16-inch gun ammunition.

The "Mighty Mo" is an Iowa class battleship, one of the biggest ships in the world. It was commisioned on June 29, 1944 and served in WWII, the Korean War, and Operation Desert Storm. It served as an important ship, and one reason is that the Japanese signed the Insrument of Surrender aboard it. It now sits in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and is in the Reserve Fleet.

The Mo's 16-inch guns. They can move seperatly so they can aim at different targets!

The Japanese signing the Insrument of Surrender.


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