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Course Syllabus

Using Moodle to Facilitate Active Learning

Course Goal:This course will prepare you to develop and implement active learning activities into your Moodle course to increase student motivation and success.

Course Objectives:- Explain the benefits of active learning in an online classroom- Develop active learning activities that will engage your students- Recognize the importance of groups and how groups should be used in an online course- Analyze different active learning activities for level of Bloom's Taxonomy

Virtual Office Hours:Tuesday and Thursday9:00-11:00 a.m.6:00-8:00 p.m.Appointments can be set up for those in different time zones or those who cannot make the scheduled office hours.Click on the picture above to join me.

Instructor:Kristen HernandezEducational Technology Consultant The Faculty Technology Center109 Troy H. Middleton LibraryOffice Phone: 225-578-6615Email: kristenh@lsu.eduMeet Your Instructor:

Course Assignments:

Grading:Course certification requires the successful completion (80% or better) of all modules and activities. Feedback will be provided in a timely manner on each activity.

Tools for Online Learners:

Teaching Methodology:This course entails 4 Modules, and each module contains the material to be covered during each week. Throughout the course you are expected to complete assignments, quizzes, and participate in the course discussions. Each module has specific assignments related to its topic. This is an asynchronous online course.

Technology Requirements:This course will require you to use Moodle as a tool for learning. Course materials, resources, assignments, quizzes, and the class discussion forum will all be accessed through the course website. Electronic mail will be used to communicate with the instructor. Through Moodle you will access multimedia files, which will require direct access to: computer with sound card and speakers (or headphones), internet connection, LSU email and Moodle account, Google Chrome or Firefox. For technical assistance please contact the Help Desk by calling 225-578-3375. Technical Requirement Document

Network Etiquette:Although you might be accustomed to using forms of electronic communication, such as text messaging and chat, communicating as part of a course involves a slightly different set of skills and conventions commonly referred to as “netiquette.” Netiquette covers a set of core rules for proper online behavior.Avoid using all capital letters as it can give the impression that you are shouting. If you want to emphasize a point, use asterisks around a word.Avoid personal attacks, called “flaming.” If you read a message that you suspect might be a personal attack, resist the temptation to fire off a response. Instead, let your response sit before sending or request that your instructor resolve the situation.Avoid offensive language or comments that attack the writer of the comment rather than his or her argument.Sourse: Baczewski, P. (1999). Network Connection: An Etiquette of E-mail. Retrieved February 6, 2010, from web site

Click on the image to the left to open the schedule for course assignments.

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*All assignments and activities are detailed in the moodle course. *All assignments and activities are subject to change.



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