Using Technology to Support Diversity

by zeidaneman
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Using Technology to Support Diversity

Diverse TechnologiesHow can teachers make an impact on diverse learners using technology? Learners can explore the content through creation, visuals, and collaboration. A poll done in 2012 revealed that 96% of teachers and 91% parents support using technology to enhance learning experiences (Kucynski-Brown, 2013). It stems away from traditional learning since most students are not traditional learners. Technology incorporates the outside environment within the classroom. Students can learn content away from the classroom setting and communicate with individuals globally. It can reach out to students who are learning English along with ones who have disabilities and are gifted. Some uses of technology for teachers and learners are:Communication- blogs, Skype, Blackboard, EdmodoProblem-Solving/Games- Google Apps, Brainpop, KidspirationCreation- Wiki, Prezi, Smartboard, Glogster, Livebinders, Google docs Learners with Disabilities/Assistive TechnologiesAbout 20% of learners with disabilities ages 14-21 dropped out of school in the US from 2009-2010 (Institute of Disability, 2013). The use of technology is highly beneficial for these learners. An assistive technology (AT) is any device used to enhance learning capabilities and allow learners to integrate in the classroom and real life with more ease. The result is inclusion which enables them to be a part of the public education and move away from limited environments. Examples of AT is Text-to-Speech and Voice Recognition software, Braille, Eye-Gaze, on-screen keyboards, screen enlargement applications, etc. How does using technology support teachers and students overall?• Teachers are able to meet the needs of all learners• Increase in meeting standards• Teachers recognize what works for diverse learning styles• Increase in performance levels• Increase in hands-on learning• Students are able to learn from each other through communication and collaboration• Students are able to construct and build upon what they have learned• Students become more confident with their learning style• Students will become more engaged in learning• Increase in motivation• Students create their own path to learning

Using Technology to Support Diversity

Discussion Question

Should we continue to pump money into educational technology for our Schools? Do computers really help students learn? How can students and teachers best learn from the World Wide Web and its content?

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