Using Glogster in the foreign language classroom

by ikespanish
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Using Glogster in the foreign language classroom

PROSStudents can work on it at home or at schoolCan look at all projects finished and unfinishedCan record voiceMovies and songs can be embedded

How can we use it?

Tutorial for Glogster

Using Glogster in the Foreign Language Classroom

CONSInternet can be slowRecording can be trickyLogging in for the first time can be difficult



Chapter 1b


Chapter 1b

IdeasChapter 1a- Verb posterChanter 1b- Describe yourselfChapter 2a- School scheduleChapter 2b- School store posterChapter 3a/3b- MenuChapter 4a- What you do during the weekChapter 4b- Weekend guideChapter 5a- InvitationChapter 5b- Family treeChapter 6a- Poster of roomChapter 6b- Chore listChapter 7a- Clothing adChapter 7b- Accessories adChapter 8a- Describe the city



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