Use of Microcontrollers

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Use of Microcontrollers

Microcontrollers are little devices that are found everywhere now. This poster will tell you about every day uses for microcontrollers. Microcontrollers are used with inputs and outputs. Inputs are the devices that detect movement or when they are pressed. Outputs are like the lights shown or the object turning on. You are using several microconrollers when you surf the web. You use microcontrollers everyday.

Uses of Microcontrollers

There is a microcontroller inside of a remote. The microcontroller senses when you press a button then makes a infrared light that you cannot see and then it connects to the thing you are trying to activate and tells the thing to turn on or turn up the volume. If the remotes look different it probably looks the same when it comes to the insides.But, remotes aren`t the only devices with microcontrollers; Cars, houses, and most appliances have microcontrollers in them.

In our everyday lives


Companies began using the microcontrollers in their electronic calculators in the 70`s . By the 90`s the microcontroller was used in computers, cell phones, pagers, and Game boys. Now people are using them everywhere. Some of the items that have microcontrollers inside of them are mentioned in the paragraph below.

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