USA Imperialism in Hawaii

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USA Imperialism in Hawaii

U.S. Imperalism in HAWAII

Jan 1, 1778Cook Discovers Hawaii, but left the islands and explored California

Feb 1, 1820Christian missionaries were the first white settlers of Hawaii. White farmers established sugar plantaions.

Oct, 1890McKinley Tariff passed into Law; raised import rates on foreign sugar

Feb 1893Queen Liliuokalani Desposed

Key Events-1820 Feburary, Christian missionaries were the first white settlers of Hawaii to spread religion. - McKinley Tariff of 1890- Queen Liliuokalani desposed-Hawaii became a territory under McKinley's adminstration-Hawaii becomes 50th state

Key Legislation/Acts-McKinley tariff-Treaty of annexation-Newlands Resolution

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Feb, 1900Hawaii becomes a territory under McKinley's adminstration

Political Reasons...-political & military competition -need for a powerful new navy (naval base in Pacific Ocean)- prevent other countried from colonizing it

Cultural Reasons...-US duty by god to EXPAND- covert local population to Christians

Economic Reasons...- Sugar & pineapple plantation production-trade- comepetition for raw materials markets for manufactured goods

Key Places- Sandwich Islands- United States of America- State of Hawaii (Republic of Hawaii)

Aug 21 1959Hawaii becomes 50th State

Key Individuals- Queen Liliuokalani: sought to preserve Hawaii's independence- Planters: people who planted sugar; planned an uprising to overthrow queen; appealed to U.S. for help and protection- Grover Cleveland: 22nd president- William McKinley: 25th president- Sanford Dole: American plantation owner in Hawaii- Kamehameha I: King of Hawaii when US first found Hawaii

Petition against annexation

Newspaper of Hawaii


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