U.S vs Germany in solar energy

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U.S vs Germany in solar energy

What's happening to earth?- Glaciers are melting- Ice on rivers/lakes are breaking up earlier- Plant/animal ranges have shifted - Trees are flowering sooner- Sea levels are rising - More intense heat waves

U.S v.s Germany in solar energy

The IPCC says the temperatures will rise about 2.5 degreese to about 10 degreese fahrenheit. We will also see a frost- free and longer growth season for crops. There will be changes in precipation patterns, such as more spring and winter precipation in northern U.S. In the Southwest there will be more droughts and heat waves. Alos hurricanes will become a lot stronger and they will appear more frequently. The sea level will rise and the artic will become completely ice free.

What will come in the furture

This circle graph shows the solar energy used in Germany, including solar

U.S efforts Epa is setting up new programs to help clean up American. Developing Common Sense- meant to reduce GHG levels. Some ways are through vehicle greenhouse rules and clean power plans. Partnering With the Private Sector- Intend to do this though voluntary energy and climate programs. Reudcing EPA's Carbon FootPrint- They are wathcing their emmisions from their own energy use and plan to reduce it. The EPA spends a lot of time monitoring the energy useage along with the economy to see if they coralate with eachother. They have also gone interation and partners with other countires to think of ways to lesson our carbon footprint

Germany efforts They use a lot more renewable energy, such as -Wind- Solar - Hydro Germany has an incentive for everyone who installs solar pannels the energ they don't use goes back into the grid for other houses and they get that money taken off their eletric bill.

This circle graph shows us the different solar energy that is used in the U.S

This circle graph shows the different amounts of greenhouse gases that are released

Graph of U.S solar growth

Germany sets new record, generating 74% of power used from renewable energy

On this journey to reduce our carbon footprint Germany has zoomed past the U.S in thier use of renewable energy. However both countries are working hard to reduce our CO2 emission.


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