US Rivers

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US Rivers

10 States border the Mississippi River

Fast Facts Mississippi River - middle of the USOhio River - starts in Pittsburgh, PA flows into the Mississippi riverHudson River - east of the MississippiColorado & Rio Grande Rivers - west of the Mississippi River

5 Major Rivers of The United States

Atlanta, Georgia USA

The Rio Grande River starts as a clear, spring fed mountain stream and travels 1,900 miles through New Mexico and along the international border of Texas and Mexico to the Gulf of Mexico.

The Colorado River head waters start in Wyoming and flows 1,450 miles through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California and empties into the Gulf of California. For 17 miles it is an international border between Arizona and Mexico.

The Ohio River starts at the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers in Pittsburgh, PA

The Hudson River headwaters start at Lake Tear of the Clouds, located in the Adirondack Mountains; the river flows 315 miles south to the New York Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.

Can you name the 5 major rivers along with the states and countries that border them? Can you locate Atlanta, Georgia? Have fun.


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