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World War II

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US Propaganda


The purpose of the US propaganda was to increase the support for the war, making others feel its necessary to join the fight for their nation.

Ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, war, etc.



US propaganda


This is a picture of one of the proagandas for the US. It is saying wake up america because it is trying to grab the attention of all americans to make them realize what is going on. Also, it is saying every man, woman, and child because it wants everyone to join in and fight for the US.

This is another picture of one of the US propagandas. This propaganda is again trying to persuade the men to enlist into joining the battle. America is trying to get all the support possible to help out the country. They made the poster sound like you have to join right now, like it is mandatory.

This propaganda is enforcing that you must go to the nearest recruiting station now to fight for the US army. Again, they are grabbing your attention with these posters. This goal is to get as many people possible to recruit to the army.

This propaganda is interestiing because it didn't just come out and say enlist in the army now. This poster says don"t read american history, make it. It is basicallysaying do not just sit around and read about what is going on, do the right thing and fight for your country.

This propaganda is another interesting one because it is saying what side of the window are you on. This is meaning are you just going to sit behind a window and watch or are you going to be on the other side of that window fighting for the US. This one grabbed many's attentions.


The effects of the US propagandas were mostly successful. A lot of the people started to enlist into the army to fihgt, and this is just what the propagandas wer supposed to do. Although, some people thought too much about the propagandas and started to go against America.


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