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U.S. Presidents Pathfinder

Online Sources

American Presidents.org - Life PortraitsArchives.com - Presidential Libraries Biography.com - US Presidents in OrderFactmonster.com - PresidentsHistory.com - U.S. PresidentsInfoplease.com - Presidentsipl.org - Presidents of the United StatesMillercenter.org - American PresidentPBS - The PresidentsWhitehouse.gov - The Presidents

Reference & NonFiction Titles

Since the birth of our nation, the United States has had many leaders - 44 to be exact! (As of 2014 anyway.)In this pathfinder you will find resources in your library media center, and the community, to help you learn more about the men who have been, and are called, our U.S. Presidents.

Chasing Lincoln's Killer, by James Swanson (BIO NF)Childhood of Famous Americans (Series)Encyclopedia of Presidents (REF)In The Line of Fire: President's Lives at Stake, by Judith St. George (NF)The President Has Been Shot: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, by James L. Swanson (BIO NF)U.S. Presidents, by Sean Price (NF)U.S. Presidents Factbook, by Elizabeth Jewell (REF)World Book of America's Presidents (REF)

Fiction Titles

The Kid Who Ran for President, by Dan GutmanSo You Want to Be President?, by Judith St. George

Database Sources

Looking for some articles to use in your research of the US presidents?Click HERE to view some suggested articles that are geared toward those "interesting facts" criteria.For more articles, use the Middle Search Plus online database, powered by EBSCOhost, available at your school library!

US Presidents Pathfinder for Grades 6 - 8

The Presidents Song


The White House,Washington, D.C.

Mount Rushmore,South Dakota


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