U.S. Presidents 1860-1900

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Politicians and Presidents

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U.S. Presidents 1860-1900

U.S. Presidents 1860-1900



Ulysses S. Grant Graduated from U.S military academy 1863 Captured Vicksburg; won battle of Chattanooga Union General in Civil War Served two terms Interesting Fact: Recieved a Speeding ticket while riding a horse

Abraham LincolnFirst president assassinated Member of Whig party Emancipation Proclamation- kept Europe out of war, freed slaves Passed Thirteenth Amendment- bans slavery Delivers Gettysburg Address, urges nation to prosecute the war fullyInteresting Fact: Tallest President (6'4")

Andrew JohnsonLincoln's Vice President, took over after Lincoln's death Constantly battled with Congress over the fate of former Confederate's, Congress tried to remove or impeach Johnson from office Was a tailor when he was younger Received no formal education Governor and Senator before becoming President





Rutherford B. Hayes He pledged only to serve one term Member of Whig party Major of 23rd Ohio Infantry Lawyer primo to Civil War Was elected Governor of Ohio before PresidencyInteresting Fact: He banned alcohol from White House

James A. GarfieldU.S. presidential election, 1876 produces an unclear result with 20 Electoral College votes disputed assassinated Interesting Fact: Served 200 Days, shortest term for a PresidentInteresting Fact: First Left handed President


Chester A. Arthur an American attorney and politician who served as the 21st President of the United States Arthur struggled to overcome a slightly negative reputation, which stemmed from his early career in politics as part of New York's Republican political machine succeeded by embracing the cause of civil service reform. His advocacy for, and subsequent enforcement of, the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act was the centerpiece of his administration.

Grover Cleveland22nd and 24th President of the United States. He was the winner of the popular vote for president three times – in 1884, 1888, and 1892 he was one of the two Democrats (alongside Woodrow Wilson) elected to the presidency in the era of Republican political domination dating from 1861 to 1933. He is the only President in American history to serve two non-consecutive terms in officeInteresting Fact: Had an artificial jaw

Benjamin Harrison23rd President of the United States he was the grandson of the ninth President, William Henry Harrison. Before the presidency, Harrison was a prominent attorney, Presbyterian church leader and politician During the American Civil War, he served the Union as a colonel and on February 14Interesting Fact: he was afraid of electricity




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