U.S. President Woodrow Wilson

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U.S. President Woodrow Wilson

President Woodrow Wilson merried two times.

U.S. PRESIDENTWoodrow Wilson28th President

President Woodrow Wilson was born on December 28th,1856 in Staunton, Virginia. His father was Joseph Ruggles Wilson and his mother was Jessie Janet Woodrow. Growing up, Woodrow Wilson had a hard time at school because he had dyslexia. Woodrow Wilson didn’t let that stop him. He worked very hard and went to a great college, College of New Jersey (Princeton University). After college, he became a lawyer. However, he did not like it. He became a professor and worked at Princeton University. After, he became a governor and soon ran for President. Woodrow Wilson became President on March 4, 1913.He was President for 8 years.

President Woodrow Wilson accomplished many things, both for himself and for the United States. He accomplished graduating a great University, becoming a lawyer, becoming a governor, and becoming President. Woodrow Wilson also accomplished many things for the United States. The United States would not be the same without him. First, he accomplished making the economy better in the United States. Second, he also signed the 19th amendment, which allowed women to vote. Lastly, Woodrow Wilson accomplished leading the USA into World War I.

12/28/1856 - Born on this day in Staunton, Virginia 3/04/1913 - President Woodrow Wilson is inaugurated as the 28th President 12/23/1913 - Signed the Federal Reserve Act12/18/1915- President Woodrow Wilson married his second wife, Edith Wilson4/6/1917- President Woodrow Wilson leads America into World War I12/10/1920- Woodrow Wilson get his Nobel peace 2/3/1924- Woodrow Wilson dies


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The Lasting impact of President Woodrow Wilson are the Federal Reserve Act and the Federal Trade Commission Act. The Federal Reserve Act helps the economy by controlling the money supply. The Federal Trade Commission Act helps make the businesses fair for small and big businesses. Lastly, President Woodrow Wilson led America into World War I and helped America make allies as well.

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