US-Mexico Borderlands

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US-Mexico Borderlands

US-MexicoBorderlandsBy:Victor Partida

Standard 2: I created this map to show my daily route thats connects my home to my work.

Standard 3: The map shows information regardingthe deaths of immigrants in Arizona. Each dothrepresents one death. Standard 4: Humans havecreated entry points wherepeople can enter the US.We also see the physical barrier of Rio Grande.

Standard 1: This map interprets the division between Mexican and American lands and also shows where the border runs along.

Standard 6. The movie Sicarioprojects the border of Juarez as ahorrible place. This gives viewers the wrong image since the movie overexaggerates the situation.

Standard 5: The United States is often broken up into different areas based oncommon qualities. This is one example.

Standard 7: Earth's physical process has shaped Sedona and made it a unique place with beatiful sights.

Standard 8: The Sonaran Desert is a Biome along theborderland. It is home to many ecosystems that consistsof a variety of plants and animals.

Standard 9: This map shows the income of immigrants which explains why they would migrate. People chasethe money which is higher in the US than Mexico.

Standard 10: This is a personal connection.I feel like the city of Tolleson is enriched withMexican culture since they respect the residents.My cousin is the 2nd mariachi from the left.

Standard 11: Mexico is one of the biggest manufacturers when it comes to American clothing.

Standard 12: The city of Goodyear started as company land that produced tires. The communitygrew overtime which led to the community to growinto a town in 1946 and a city in 1985.

Standard 13: Cartels try to smuggle drugsinto the US. Border Patrol is in a war tryingto reclaim control over the border.

Standard 14: The Salton Sea was created because of a human mistake. This lake now stands as California's biggest lake.

Standard 15: Here is a picture of my AC unit. These are found throughout AZ due to the extremesummer heat.

Standard 16: Gas is a crucial natural resource for both countries. Mexico is rich with this resource. The US has oil drills in Alaska and Texas.

Standard 18: The new SouthMountain Freeway is carefully being evaluated for

Standard 17: This cliff shoreand its patterns shows us therise of sea levels. This helpsus understand when Ice Agesoccurred in the past.

its future development. Its creation stands in the path of the Laveen community and home to wildlife.


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