US imperialism in China

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US imperialism in China

U.S. Imperialism in China

Reasons for Imperialism: -vast resources -markets -spread religion -trade

Chloe Diebold

Before U.S imperialism in China, it was not really in good shape. China was weakened by war and also lacked industry. After U.S. imperialism, China's economy grew dramatically. They learned new customs to better their culture. Chinese are living in a hopeful society because of imperialsim.

John Hay -Secretary of State -Proposed idea of Open Door Policy

The U.S was worried that their financial influence on China would be in jeoprady. John Hay made an impact of imperialsim in China by propsoing the idea of Open Door Policy. He contacted the nations involved in the spheres of influence. Then asked for an agreementthat all these powers have equal access to China. China could trade with other nations, were given better education, better sanitation and many other things.

Boxer Rebellion-led to a second Open Door proposal

Boxers were a group of nationalists that had enough of imperialism and Christianity. This group of Boxers began to grow. The Boxer Rebellion led to another Open Door proposal. This one enhanced the importance of maintaining China's independence and respecting its borders. The foreign powers came together with an international force and crushed the Boxers. However, even though they lost, they still created a swell of Chinese nationlists that continued to fight the against imperial powers.


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