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This an example of the panic that the stock market induced. The lack of confidence sent the market into a downward spiral.

These politians were part of the 1930 Tariff commission. The international Tariff wars aided the downward economic spiral.

This is a political cartoon that highlights buying on margin. This shows how the economy seemed strong but was actually weak.

The Germans forced a strict class structure, and were very conservative. They often looked for scapegoats to blame their problems on.

The Weimar Republic's currency lost all of its value. The United States' note however, kept its value.

This picture empasized the strict class structure. The male's cut off head symbolizes the Germany's lack of leadership and lack of new policies.

The Great Depression evolved to support a different type of canidate. One that supports strong Government intervention. America needed new policies fast.

This article highlights the depression that American's felt. America, like Germany, was not making much progress in stopping the downward spiral.;jsessionid=9995071914B1CF227EAE12463C4DA9F8.journals?fromPage=online&aid=2786084

the Weimar Republic is simmilar to the United States in that both countries needed new leadership. Natzisim promised strong leadership and a way out of the depression.

One American cent was worth about 42 billion Weimar Republic notes. The leadership was so weak, and and the reparations were so strict that Germans could not make any recovery.

This is one of FDR's famous fireside chats. He reassured the American People that the economy was improving and that they would have jobs. This is simmilar to Hitler's motivational speeches. Both leaders told their audiences that they would fix their countries.

This is pictue of worker making a railroad. This is parallels Germany in that coming out of the Great Depression took funding to nfrastructure from the government. FDR and Hitler both invested in giving jobs to their countries young men. Because private businesses did not supply jobs, Governments had to.

The United States was still in a deep part of the depression. On the other hand, Germany was expanding. Here, Chamberlain was appeasing the ever expanding German lands. The United States was not expanding their lands or their economy.

In the earlier parts of the Depression, Germany could not control its economy or its government. Germany, in the later parts of the Depression, started building the military. For all intensive purposes, this brought Germany out of a downward spiral. This parallels the United States in that World War II brought the US out of the Depression.

THis picture portrays one of FDR's fireside chats. THis is how The President communicated with his constituants. Hitler, however gave powerful speeches. FDR was communicating the progress that his policies were making.

This is a picture of the Enabling Act. Germany was undergoing the transformation form a democracy to a dictatorship. The United States, although nearing dictator levels still used a democratic form of government.

This political cartoon highlights the desparate times that the country was in. FDR is shown trying anthing to get the US out of the depression. This is dislike Germany in that Hitler had a plan from day 1. He did not experiment, he merely implemented his plan.

Hitler was praised by critics because he was charismatic. Both FDR and Hitler rallied their countries during WWII. Hitler, was praised more, because he seemed more powerful and took Germany out of an economic crisis. Countries other that Germany supported Hitler becaue he gave promise to a renewed international trade.

Germans are rejoicing in having a powerful leader during the Great Depression. Like in the United States and in the United Kingdom, great rulers came to power through democracy and essentially became dictators. The people of these countries needed a differnet form of government. However, the leader in Germany was fundementally and radically different than in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

Hitler, today, is appropriately viewed by a bad lense because of The Holocaust. However, the Germans in this video talk about Hitler in a favorable light. This is similar in that Americans view FDR in a favorable lense. Hitler, like FDR gave the depressed citizens hope of a new future.

FDR won in a landslide. This is almost like a dictatorship. A healthy democratic government should not have one party completely dominant. However, this was needed in this time of need. Their was no time for petty politics. Reforms were needed, quickly.

FDR appeased America's fears of the depression. Like Hitler, he provided relief to his country. He also had the majority of his country supporting him. However, FDR supported democracy while Hitler did not.


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