U.S History Mexican American War

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U.S History Mexican American War

Mexican/ American War

By: Alex Kruse

- One of the causes of the Mexican/American War- General Antonio López de Santa Anna's army arrived at the Alamo- Texans and Tejanos defended the Alamo for 13 days-Angered many Americans

Prior to the war: Remember the Alamo



Let the Battle Begin

-U.S Congress declares war on Mexico- The first battle known as The battle of Palo Alto, our first victory due to our 'Flying Artillery'- We won many others battles in 1846, such as The Battle of Resaca de la Palma and the Battle of Monterrey


Storming the Gates

-September 14 1847, U.S invades Mexico City-The successful storming of Chapultepec Castle struck the final blow to the Mexican defense of their capital and precipitated the collapse of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna’s defensive line.-This was the final battle


-This war caused tensions in the United States about the distruption of Slavery but it also provided more lands for the people-For Mexico it caused the goverment to crumble and cause many rulers to be overthrown


The Battle of the Alamo - A battle for Texans for freedom from Mexico


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