U.S. Government

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U.S. Government



Judicial Branch


These people are called the CONGRESS.


Their job is to make laws. The house makes laws about government spending and the senate can prove or reject treaties with other countries.

This branch is headed by the Supreme Court. The title these people hold are to be a role model for the other courts.

The 9 justices rule the court. Their job is to say if the victim is guilty or innocent.

The PRESIDENT is in charge.

Next comes the vice president. Also the heads of various departments and agencies are in this part of the government.

Their job is to carry out laws.Also they reccomend laws.

He\She can only serve for 8 years.

If the president gets hurt or mentaly injured the Vice President will resume his place in office.

We have checks and balances so no branch has more power than the others. One example is that Congress could present a law to the president he/she could veto or aprove it. Another example is that if the president vetos a law and 2/3 of the house and the senate want to keep it they will call it a law. But the Supreme Court can declare the law unconstitusional.

Checks and balances

The cabinet members advise the president to make good decisions.

The BIG IDEA of our government is that if we didn't have the government there would be chaos and nobody will get a say. With our government each branch has their own job to keep our country intact.


The Senate


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