U.S. Energy Industry

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Energy & Environment

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U.S. Energy Industry

Ancient Egyptians--Electric fish600 BC--Greece--Thales of Miletus--amber, fur, silk and static electricity1285--London commission investigates smoke from burning coal1752--Ben Franklin Kite Experiment 1821--Michael Faraday--electric motor1835--Samuel Morse--telegraph1844--Telegraph line from Washington to Baltimore1854--Charles Dickens--fiction and nonfictional smoke concerns ,Hard Times1876--Joseph Swan--lightbulb1879---Thomas Edison--lightbulb that burns for 1200 hours1882--Thomas Edison--first electricity generating plant --Appleton, Wisconsin--First hydroelectric plant1888--Thomas Sprague--Electric streetcar system --George Westinghouse--bought patents to Tesla's AC system and Charles Bradley's rotary converter1890--Sherman Antitrust Act--outlawed monopolies1893--World's Columbian Exhibition--Chicago, Illinois--Public display of lighting1898--Samuel Insull--explanation of natural monopoly1914--Clayton Antitrust Act--outlawed monopolies1920--Federal Power Commision--coordinate hydroelectric power projects under federal control1928--Federal Power Act--Congress funded regulation of electricity and gas --Federal Trade Commission launched investigations into large utility holding companies; Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)1929--Stock Market Crash1933--Tennessee Valley Authority1935--Public Utility Holding Company Act (smaller holding companies of only one utility, in same state as utility and registered with SEC --Rural Electrification Administration--electricity for rural areas1938--Natural Gas Act--restricted price of gas1948--20 peole died due to industrial emissions--Pennsylvannia1952--Great Smog of London killed thousands1955-1967--Air pollution and air quality acts passed by Congress1965--Blackout--80,000 square miles1967--North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) recommended by FPC- --Air Quality Act--federal enforcement of environmental standards1970--Environmental Protection Agency --Clean Air Act--reduce harmful pollution, emissions, phase out ozone-depleting chemical, require statements of pollutants, strengthen enforcement1970's--Oil Supply crisis1977--Federal Energy Regulatory Commission instead of Federal Power Commission --Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act--non-utilities can generate and sell power, utilities must purchase power from independent companies1990--Clean Air Act--System of emissions trading to lower sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides1992--Energy Policy Act--Deregulation and Increased capacity of power plants2005--Energy Policy Act--gave NERC enforcement power


History of Electricity


Static and Current


Economies of Scale

Holding Companies

Antitrust Acts

Static Safety



MIT Electricty

U.S. Energy Industry and Infrastructure

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Edison Menlo Park

Pearl Street Power

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Electric Catfish

North America Grid

Clean Air Science



Cap and Trade

Electrostatic Precipitator


Smart Grid

Electric Reliability Co

Balancing Authority

Began the demand for electricity!


EPA Air Quality

Effluent Liquid Waste