US Civil War Timeline

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US Civil War Timeline

US Civil War Timeline

1.November 6, 1860- Abraham Lincoln is elected sixteenth president of the United States, the first Republican president in the nation who represents a party that opposes the spread of slavery in the territories of the United States.2.February 18, 1861- Jefferson Davis is appointed the first President of the Confederate States of America at Montgomery, Alabama, a position he will hold until elections can be arranged.3.June 10, 1861- Battle of Big Bethel, the first land battle of the war in Virginia.4.September 20, 1861- Lexington, Missouri falls to Confederate forces under Sterling Price.

5.November 19, 1863- Dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery at Gettysburg. President Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address.6.April 8, 1864- Battle of Sabine Crossroads or Mansfield, Louisiana, the first major battle of the Red River Campaign in Louisiana.7.June 8,1864- Abraham Lincoln is nominated by his party for a second term as president.8.June 19, 1864- The USS Kearsarge sinks the Confederate raider CSS Alabama near Cherbourg, France.9.July 14-15, 1864- Battles near Tupelo, Mississippi. The Union defeat of Nathan Bedford Forrest secured the supply lines to Sherman's armies operating against Atlanta, Georgia.

10.July 21, 1864- The Battle of Atlanta. Hood's second effort to throw back Union forces under Sherman brings him heavy casualties with no positive results. General James McPherson, commander of the Union Army of the Tennessee, is killed during the fighting.11.August 18-19, 1864- Battles on the Weldon Railroad near Petersburg, Virginia. Union attempts to capture this important railroad into Petersburg were stopped by Confederate counterattacks. Despite southern efforts, the Union remained in firm possession of their gains and the railroad.12.August 31- September 1, 1864- Battle of Jonesborough, Georgia. The final southern counterattack against Union troops outside the city of Atlanta fails

13.February 1, 1865- Sherman's Army leaves Savannah to march through the Carolinas.14.March 4, 1865- President Abraham Lincoln is inaugurated for his second term as president in Washington, DC.15.March 11, 1865- Sherman's Army occupies Fayetteville, North Carolina.16.April 1, 1865- The Battle of Five Forks, Virginia. The Confederate defeat at Five Forks initiates General Lee's decision to abandon the Petersburg-Richmond siege lines.17.April 2, 1865- The Fall of Petersburg and Richmond. General Lee abandons both cities and moves his army west in hopes of joining Confederate forces under General Johnston in North Carolina.18.April 3, 1865- Union troops occupy Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia.

19.April 14, 1865- President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated by actor John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater in Washington, DC. On the same day, by Union troops20.May 4, 1865- General Richard Taylor surrenders Confederate forces in the Department of Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana.21.May 10, 1865- Confederate President Jefferson Davis is captured near Irwinville, Georgia.22.May 12, 1865- The final battle of the Civil War takes place at Palmito Ranch, Texas. It is a Confederate victory.23.May 23, 1865- The Grand Review of the Army of the Potomac in Washington, DC.24.May 24, 1865- The Grand Review of General Sherman's Army in Washington, DC25.May 26, 1865- General Simon Bolivar Buckner enters into terms for surrender of the Army of the Trans-Mississippi, which are agreed to on June 2, 1865.The Civil War officially ends.


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