US Citizenship

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US Citizenship

US Citizenship

In order to be a naturalization citizen you must go through the process of a residence to become a citizen, must have been a resident for 5 years and be at lease 18 years old

Citizens Rights and responsiblities

In order to get a automatic citizenship you,have to be born in the US or have both parents a US citizens

Rights for only US Citizens-right to vote for federal election -right to run for political office-right to serve on a jury

Rights for everyone-freedom of expression, and worship-right to assemble peacefully -right to petition the goverment-right to be free from police or goverment who have unreasonable searches in your home

A responsibility for everyone in the US is to obey all laws

Responsibities for Citizens -vote in election -serving on juries when asked- all male citizens (ages 18-26) must register with the Selective Service System

Patriotism is when you feel proud and a great bond for your country

Allegiance is loyalty to a group, or cause

Treason is the act of betraying your country

First 10 amendments to the US Constitution are the Bill of Rights

Bill of rights

Pledge of Allegiance




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