U.S Citizenship

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U.S Citizenship

U.S Citizenship

Automatic Citizenship

-You must bee born in the United States.- One can also be born anywhere on U.S soil.- You can be born a Citizen anywhere in the world as long as your parents are U.S citizens.


3 Rights for only U.S Citizens

-The right to vote in elections-The right to run for a federal political office-The right serve on a jury.

Rights for All


-To those who automatic citizenship doesn't apply can still become citizens through naturalization.Requirements-One must be at least 18 years old.-Must have been a permanent resident of the U.S for at least 5 years.-Serving in the military for at least one year is in fact a shorcut, which enables a person to become a citizen sooner.-Must speak English and pass a civics test.-Must take the Oath of Allegiance. -By commiting an act of alllegiance a citizen swears loyalty to the United States.-Beyond allegiance, a loyal citizen will often feel a deep bond with their conutry known as partriotism.

Recent EventsRepublican Presidential Canidate Donald Trump gives his opinion on the children of immigrant parents having citizenship at birth in the U.S.

-The rights given to all people in the United States are defined by the first 10 amendments that form the Bill of Rights.-Rights such as the freedom of expression, freedon of wordship, assemble peacefully, and petition against governtment are given to all people in the U.S.

Responsibilities of Everyone in the U.S-Everyone in the U.S is responsible for obeying laws.-Everyone in the U.S must never commit treason, the act of betraying your country.Responsibilities of U.S citizens-Citizens are responsible for voting in elections and serving in juries when asked.-Males citizens between 18-26 years of age must register with the Selective Service.


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