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Social Studies

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Uruguay Dishes


ChajaAsadoChivitoMilanesePascualinaMorcilla DulceDulce de Leche

Chaja is a sponge cake topped with whipped cream and crushed meringue cookies. Chaja is found at tearooms, cafes and bakeries in Uruguay.

"La Cumparsita" is the most famous tango song of all time.

Tango is usually performed by a man and a woman, expressing an element of romance in their synchronized movements.

Places to See

Sightseeing:Montevideo CityPunta del Este CityColoniaNature and wild life:Sea lion encounter at Ocean WorldShow and performances:Dinner and Tango show

Punta del Este City

The Capybara

The Capybara is basically a giant guinea pig, (3-4 feet in size) it is a very popular domestic pet to own in Uruguay

Unique animal

The uruguay flag has been reduced from nine blue stripes to only four in 1830 before the proclamation of the country's first Constitution. With four blue stripes there is also one elaborate yellow sun in the top left corner that represents a new nation in the world.



Luis Suarez

28 year old Uruguayan footballer who plays for Liverpool and the Uruguayan national team. He grew up in Montevideo with a single mother and six siblings.

Jose Mujica

80 year old president of Uraguay has been in office for 5 years.He is the 40th president. Married with no kids he is also a former cyclist.


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