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Fast Facts-Uruguay is in the continent of South America.-the official name of Uruguay is the Eastern Republic of Uruguay-the capital of Uruguay is Montevideo.-the population is around 3,316,400.-The currency is the Uruguay peso-the official languages of Uruguay are Spanish and Portuguese.-Agriculture is Uruguay's biggest industrial sector. About half of all the industry in Uruguay is based on food or beverage processing.-the land area of Uruguay is 67,035 sq. miles-the climate in Uruguay is temperate.That means that most of the time the weather is not very extreme. Average temperatures for the summer months range from 65F- 85F and winter months 45F - 65F -the terrain is mostly plains, low hills and fertile coastal lowland.-the major coastal body of water is the Atlantic ocean but on the western side of the country is the Uruguay River- the Lago de Rincon del Bonete is a major lake located in the center of the country

The sun emblem is the 'Sun of May', it is a symbol of freedom. The nine blue stripes symbolize the nine provinces of Uruguay, which existed at the time of the flags creation.

This is a beach in the town of Carmelo. It is a tourist area that lies at the Rio de la Plata on the southwest edge of Uruguay.

Fortified facts

This is a sculpture of five fingers. The five fingers are on the beach of Punta del Este and it is a major tourist attraction.

UruguayRepública Oriental del Uruguay

For most of the year the town José Ignacio is very peaceful, but during the summer months the town has many events, people throw parties, and enjoy Carnival which is a summer celebration. It is on the southern coast of Uruguay and also has is a beach resort.

Montevideo is a beautiful city that is the capital of Uruguay. This city is the center of buisness for Uruguay. It is the largest city in Uruguay and it is a port city.

''A country that has a variety of places from beaches to forests''

There are many festival celebrations throughout the country. It is a time when people get together to enjoy eachother, food and fun activities like parades, dancing, and music.


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