[2015] William Le: Urinary System

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[2015] William Le: Urinary System

Functions of the Urinary System1) Removal of waste products from the bodily fluids2) Regulation of pH3) Controls the volume and blood pressure4) Eliminates waste Processing in Urine Formation1)Glomerular filtration- plasma is filtered in the glomerulus and becomes filtrate2) Tubular Secretion- it removes additional waste from blood and adds them to the filtrate3)Water Conservation- additional water is removed from urine to concentrate the waste4)Tubular Reabsorption- filtrates along the tubules, useful substances,water, and other molecules are absorbed into the blood Components of the Urinary System 1) Kidneys- excretes unwanted substances, maintains water and pHbalance, and product horomones2)Bladder- a sac that holds urine3)Ureters- moves the urine from the kidney to the bladder through peristalsis and gravity4)Urethra- tube that extends from the bladder to the outside of the body

Urinary System

William Le 4th and 5th Period

Constituents of UrineNormal: Abnormal:-Water - Sugars-Urea - Protein-Salts -Parasites - Bacteria

6 Signs of Chronic Renal Failure - Edema - Electrolyte - Imbalance - Hypertension - Anemia - Uremia - Dehydration Kidney Disorders - Glomerulonephritis: most common kidney disease in which the part of your kidney that helps filter waste and fluid from the blood - Acute Renal Failure: Sudden decrease in kidney function that occurs as a complication of other serious illnesses - Pyelonephritis: inflammation of renal pelvis and kidney tissue, and cna cause urinary tract infection

Dialysis-Process for removing waste and excess water from blood, and is used primarily as an artificial replacement for a lost kidney in people with renal failure.Purpose: allows those with chronic kidney failure to live a semi normal life


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