[2015] Mackenzie Thomas: Urinary System

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Human Anatomy

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[2015] Mackenzie Thomas: Urinary System

Urinary System

Functions- Excretes unwanted substances- Maintains water balance- Keeps pH balanced - Produces hormones

Abnormal Constituents1. Carbohydrates2. Proteins3. Ketone Bodies4. Blood5. Bile Salts6. Bile Pigments

Main Components2 kidneys2 uretersurinary bladderurethra

Kidney DisordersAcute Glomerulonephritis - This occurs when antibodies injure glomeruli so that blood and protein filters into the urine.Pylonephritis - The inflammation of the renal pelvis and kidney tissue.Hydronephrosis - The distention of the renal pelvis and calyces with accumulated fluid caused by obstructed urine flow.

Urine Formation- glomerular filtration allows diffusable material to pass from blood to nephron- tubular reabsorbtion moves useful material back to the blood- tubular secretion moves additional substances from blood to nephron- countercurrent mechanism concentrates urine and reduces the volume excreted

Functions of the Main ComponentsKidneys - excretes wastes, maintain water balances, maintain pH balance, produce hormonesUreters - moves urine from kidney to bladderBladder - urine storageUrethra - empties the bladder

Normal Constituents1. Urea2. Uric Acid3. Creatinine

Kidney Dialysis A kidney dialysis machine can be used to restore appropriate solute balance to a patient whose kidneys are not functioning.

Renal Failure Signs-Dehydration- Edema- Electrolyte Imbalance- Hypertension- Anemia- Uremia


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