Urban Planning in 1890

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Urban Planning in 1890

Urban Planning in 1890

Step 1: Put out more public trash cans.Step 2: Make loitering laws.

problem 1: Decrease pollution

Step 1: Make more houses by getting money from increasing taxes.Step 2: Make a law limiting the number of people allowed to live in 1 house.

Step 1: Make sure all factories have good lighting.Step 2: Make a law stating the maximum number of people allowed to work in the factory in one time, and if they fail to follow it the owned gets a big fat fine.

Problem 4: Make it better working conditions for people in factories.

Step 1: Make water pipes connecting to houses money from donations.Step 2: Try to get running water to every house.

problem 2: Increase living space.

Problem 3: Increase sanitation by making more running water.

Step 1: Keep the sick people away from the non-sick people.Step 2: Get research money from the government to hopefully find a cure.

Problem 5: Decrease Cholera



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