Urban means to be...

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Urban means to be...

Stereotypes are a huge issue in urban culture. Black people for example will get watched much more strictly simply because they are Black.

A component of Urban typically contains the fact that the area is very densely populated, meaning there are a lot of people per square mile.

Not Rural

Incorrectly viewed

Densly Populated

Unfairly judged

At risk

Hip hop


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Too often those living in poor urban settings are viewed as lacking something, whether that be money, status, or an education. Instead one must focus on what strengths they have that others may not. This screwed up view is evident later when discussing Urban Renewal. Basically is the glass half full or half empty?

Deficit-based analyses vs. strength-based analyses

National Urban LeagueAt Risk YouthThe creation and definiiton of "Hip Hop"

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-Negative depictions of Black Youth in the media-Persistent American hypocrisy-Public Policy that reflects and masks institutional racism.-Substandard quality of life.


Man gets pulled over

The 1946-1950 Mayor of New York in William O'Dwyer started Urban Renewal because, "the slums means disease and crime the new projects mean health and happiness."

Hip Hop Catalysts

The Brutal Truth Behind Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal

Urban means to be...By: Jonathan Anthony

A lot of times in urban settings, the youth are considered "at risk" due to their environment. This basically implies that due to the surroundings these youth find themselves in they are more likely to give into negative peer pressure than other youth. For more information on how to combat this read an article by Elaine Morley here.



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