Uranus The Great Green Planet

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Uranus The Great Green Planet

Uranus: The Great Green Planet

Fun Facts:*has 27 moons*gas giant*1 year=84 Earth years*1 day=17.9 hours*Lies on its side so during one quarter of the year there is no light in the south pole*has diamonds, helium, hyrdogen*has rings made of black dust particles and large black rocks*the surface is green and blue

Wow, is what you would be saying if you were visiting the diamond mueseum at Uranus. This mueseum includes a diamond water slide with a very cool room at the finish where you learn how we built it. There also is an exhibit where you can talk to students that are studying diamonds and their uses. If your lucky you will get to talk to Sally Stuart an amazing student from the school, Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart about gem science.

Hate the cold weather, come here! We have come up with a great solution to having Uranus be the coldest planet! We have an amazing athmosphere that includes hydrogen and methane to provide fuel to power our organic heating system.

Moon Madness!Uranus has 27 moons. All of these moons are named from Shakespeares play "A Mid Summer's Night Dream". These moons are all below 0 degrees. If you came with us to Uranus you would live on these moons and travel back to the planet to use its natrual resources.

Need a Job? Come with us!On Uranus you have many jobs to select from. This includes engineers to help us keep our technology up to date. Mueseum workers to allow our mueseums to be at the best of their abilities. Teachers to keep our children educated about how to live and keep safe on this amazing planet. We have many more jobs that are meant just for you!! Contact us at uranusisawesomeandperfectforyou_10@plmokn.org


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