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UranusUranus, an outer planet, is the seventh planet from the sun. It is known for its icy blue color, which makes it an ice giant. In fact, more than 4/5 of it is made up of icy materials. Like the other outer planets, it is a gas giant, larger than the inner planets, and also has rings. But Uranus also has many unique traits and qualities that make it different from the rest of the planets.

Did You Know?* Uranus rotates on its side and spins horizontally.* Uranus's moons are named after the works of Shakespeare and A. Pope.* The Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft to visit it.* If the sun was the size of a front door, the Earth would be a nickel and Uranus would be a baseball.* Uranus is named after the Greek deity of the heavens.

Basic Facts about Uranus*Distance from sun: 2.9 billion kilometers* Rotation: 17 hours*Revolution: 89 Earth years* # of Moons: 27* Volume: 70 trillion km3

Could I Live on Uranus?Unfortunately, Uranus can't support life as we know it. But what would it be like if we could? First of all, we'd have to develop suits that protect us from the cold. The temperatures can get to about 216 Celsius! Also, we'd have to avoid its atmosphere of hydrogen, helium, and methane. Uranus also doesn't have much of a solid surface, and also has very high pressure. Also, there's isn't really much of an energy source on Uranus. A good thing about living on Venus is that your 20 pound book bag would weigh less than 18 pounds!

Uranus vs. EarthUranus and Earth are almost completely different in many ways. But they still share some similarities. For instance, both have at least one moon and an atmosphere. Both look like they have a blue color from space. There surface gravity is pretty close, with Earth's surface gravity slightly more.

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