[2014] Sienna C (Ms Vashisht): Uranus

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[2014] Sienna C (Ms Vashisht): Uranus


What Uranus is Made ofUranus is made up of various ices like water,ammonia[a colours oderless stronger alkaline solution]and methane[a colourless oderless flamable gas,that main constuit of natural gas.It is a non toxic but can be an exploseve in the right concentration air if methane is displaced enough of the air it can cause death by asphyxisa].Uranus has 3 layers:a rocky core at the center,an icy mantel surronding that,and an outer gas envelope of hydrogen and helium.The core of Uranus is really,with only half the mass of Earth.The largest portion of Uranus is the icy mantel,this is't exactly ice,it's a hot dense fluid consisting of water,amonia and other substances.Uranus atmosphere is made up of 83%hydrogen,15% helium and 2% methane.

AppearanceUranus is the seventh planet from the the sun and the third largest planet. It spins like it is on it's side,which is different from the way other planets spin. People think a big rock crashed into uranus a long time ago it knocked uranus over. Uranus is blue with 11 white rings that you can hardly see.

Fun facts Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun so it is somewhat cold. Uranus has 13 rings but you can't see them clearly beacause their made of dark dust, rocks, and minerals. The gravity on uranus is four fifths as strong as earths gravity. It takes 84 earth years for uranus to go around the sun once (talk about old on your sixth birthday)

The Name Uranus is named after the ancient greek god of the sky. The name Uranus was first used by Johann Bode to match the mythological naming of the other planets. But it wasn't untill1850 that the name was used. Uranus (yoor-a-nus)

Gender:Mascuineusage:greek mythology pronnouced: yoor-a-nus-

MoonsUranus has 27 moons.Uranus moons are named after shakespearean charters along with some names from the works of Alex Pope.Oberon and Titania are Uranus biggest moons.

By: Emily Kyla Sienna


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