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Chemical Elements

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Uranium is a nonrenewable source of energy. Uranium is contingent on either fission or fusion: currently, fission is the main way to obtain nuclear energy for creation of electrical energy. Fission seperates atoms' nuclei to produce energy from fast-moving neutrons. Nuclear energy is the largest source of emission free energy, completely bereft of air pollutants. The environmental bonuses make nuclear energy a promising choice for the future. Currently the main users of this energy source are commercial businesses due to heavy opposition by many people, nuclear energy is under severe moderation.


Nuclear Energy: the most efficient fuel source around.

Due to the moderations and cost of nuclear power,many people have been dissuaded from using it.


Uranium is the main resource in Nuclear Energy. Uranium 235, a radioactive isotope, is required for all fusion. The fuel used must have at least 3% of said isotope. As of currently, Uranium is nonrenewable - at least until sustainable fusion becomes a possibility.

Nuclear Energy is unstable and extremely harmful without extensive safety precautions. This has been the primal element in halting the progress of Nuclear Energy's advance into the future.


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