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Chemical Elements

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1896 Henri Becquerel discovered it had radioactive properties.

Military uses uranium when making speacial weapons.

Even though uranium is weak in radioactive it is also a toxic meatal. Having it exposed too much can effect your body in negative ways .

Uranium is very hard,malleable,ductile very poor cunducter.

The first atomic bomb used in Japan in WWII had a uranium core.

A small portion (like one kilo )can make up to 20 terajoules of energy

What really Martin discovered was not pure uranium, it was actually uranium dioxide(UO2). 2

The person that discovered was Martin Hienrich Klaproth. Ueranium was found in Berlin,Germany. 1

After another chemist saw that the pure uranium reacted weirdly with uranium tetrachloride Eugene Melchoir Peligot isolated pure U(uranium ) by heating uranium dioxide potassium in a platium cruible. 3

atomic #:92atomic weight:238.0melting point:1408 Kboiling point:4404 K density:18.95 per centiphase at room temp:soidelement classification:metalperiod #:7group name:actnide radioactive4


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