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Chemical Elements

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Uranium was discovered in Germany by Martin Klaproth and was discovered in 1789

Basic Facts:Atomic #: 92Atomic mass: 238# of Protons and Electrons:92# of Neutrons: 146Family: ActinoidPeriod: 7

Melting and Boiling Points:Uranium melts at 2075 ºF andUranium boils at 7468 ºF

Density + Physical Properties:Uranium is unique because, even though it is dangerous, it doesn't look that way. It has a silvery-shiny look to it with the abilities to be hammered into thin plates and cut into thin strips. Uranium is also a very heavy element, with a density of 19.05 grams per square centimeter.

Chemical Properties:Uranium Doesn't combine with much, so therefore it doesn't create much. But, Uranium Does combine with Oxygen, Sulfur, Chlorine, Flourine, Phosphorus, and Bromine. It also Dissolves in acids and reacts with hot water.Neither of these traits are unique, but what is unique is that, out of the few compounds Uranium makes, most of them are a Greensh-Yellow Color

Urainium Uses:As most of you already know, Uranium was used to create the atomic bomb. But other than that uranium can also be used to make a greenish-yellow glass.(Below)Another big use for uranium is to fuel nuclear power plants (right)

Above: Uranium Glass

Left: Urainium Ore

Fun Facts:•Uranium is one of the few radioactive elements•Uranium can be made in to greenish glass•The green glass is called vaseline glass in the US•The atomic bomb (made with Uranium) is a chain reaction

Above:Uranium Atom

Above: Martin Klaproth and a picture of Germany

Uranium is also found fairly commonly in the Earth's crust



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