Upton Sinclair Jr.

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Upton Sinclair Jr.


Born- September 20 ,1878 1888-Upton Sinclair moves to New York. 1900 - Upton Sinclair gets married.1902- Upton's has his first story published in a magazine.1904 - The call of the Jungle. 1911- Upton's marriage ends. Died- November 25, 1968

Sinclair was a leading “muckraker,” a group of early twentieth-century American journalists . Upton Sincliars's goal was to tell people what was going on in the meat packing industry. But people did not get the message about what was going on. Upton sinclair wrote a book on how bad the meat packing industry that happened in Chicago's slaughterhouse.


Some of the methods that Upton Sinclair used was that he was a muckraker he reported how bad things were happing in the country.

Upton Sinclair Jr.


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By the age of 17 Upton Sinclair had enough money to buy his own apartment.

In 1906 Upton Sinclair had wrote the book The Jungle to tell people what was going on in the meat packing industry in Chicago.


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